Joanna pettet casino royale

joanna pettet casino royale

  • Casino Royale () - Joanna Pettet as Mata Bond - IMDb
  • Joanna Pettet - IMDb
  • John - Mouth of the Snake Joanna St. Lane Roberts. Joanna Pettet. Janet Baines. Detective Janet Baines. Gary Ewing Show all 9 episodes. Vanessa Walgren. Celeste Vallon. Nona Lauren. Meg Palmer. Lenore Pitchford. Angelina Blenderman. Carol Hanson. Cynthia Masters. Barbara Brown. Caroline Arnold.

    Julie Thomas. Owens uncredited. Katherine Hennessey. Petter Beach. Glenna Nielson. Jody Baxter. Sylvia Dee. Melissa Thompson. The Girl with the Hungry Eyes. Rhona Warwick segment "The Caterpillar".

    Casino Royale () Joanna Pettet: Mata Bond. Showing all 35 items Jump to: Photos (19) Quotes (16) Photos. Quotes. Mata Bond: [In front of 10 Downing Street] Oh, Daddy, I do so long to meet him. All the girls do. He really turns me on! Sir James. Joanna Pettet in Casino Royale sexy costume James Bond girl 16x2 /bordariushtml,Collectibles Fine Art, Entertainment, Photographs,agenciabits.coom,Royale,James,sexy,in,Joanna,16x2,girl,Pettet,costume,Casino,$16,Bond Joanna Pettet in Casino Royale sexy costume 16x2! Super beauty product restock quality top! Joanna Pettet, Actress: Casino Royale. This beautiful, stylish, London-born blonde started out quite promisingly on the stage and in late '60s films before phasing out her career out in the '90s. Joanna Pettet was born Joanna Jane Salmon and raised in Canada. Her father, a British Royal Air Force pilot, was killed in WWII.

    Elaine Latimer segment "The House". Christine Verdon. April Thompson. Cindy Warren. Yvonne Barlow. Julia Riley. Tina Andresen.

    joanna pettet casino royale

    Liz Martin. Carol Lloyd. Judy Lloyd. Millie Wilkins. Hide Show Thanks 1 credit. Hide Show Self 8 credits. Self - Panelist. Show all 11 episodes.

    Casino Royale () - Joanna Pettet as Mata Bond - IMDb

    Self - Guest. Hide Show Archive footage 1 credit. Related Videos. See more ยป.

    Sir Joannx : Figuratively speaking, of course. Mata Bond : Of course. Mata Bond : Who is Le Chiffre? Polo : Nobody knows, not even Le Chiffre. Frau Hoffner : Come along, child. The auction is about to begin.

    Mata Bond : Auction? Frau Hoffner : Tonight we joanna selling one of the finest art collections in Europe. Mata Bond : Le Chiffre's collection? Frau Hoffner : Who? Mata Bond : Le Chiffre. Frau Hoffner : Who's Le Chiffre? Mata Bond royale The man who owns the collection. Frau Hoffner : What collection? Mata Bond : The collection that's about to be auctioned.

    Frau Hoffner : Who said anything about an auction? Mata Bond : You did. Frau Hoffner : Who am I? Mata Bond : Frau Hoffner. Frau Hoffner : Never heard of her. You're insane, my child, quite insane. Mata Bond : I think she's right! Mata Bond : You know, if you weren't my dad I think Josnna could fancy you.

    Sir James : That's very good of you, my dear. Rather warm in here, don't you think? Mata Bond : Cool it, Charlie. So you want me to go to Berlin, huh? Sir James : Now Mata, you remember the old house on the Felmannstrasse? Mata Bond : Yeah, where Mum had a dancing school.

    But pettet just a cover for its real function. Royae is Does casino speak English? Mata Bond : Hey Charlie, you speak English?

    Joanna Pettet - IMDb

    Charlie : No. Polo : In the world. Frau Hoffner : There is no political prejudice here. Polo : Prejudice. Frau Hoffner : We train Russian spies for America. Polo : America.

    Frau Hoffner : And American spies for Russia. Mata Bond : Very democratic. Mata Bond : [Pulls down the handle on a toilet and floor circulates to another room] It's the first john I've ever pettet around with. Royald do you want? Mata Casino : I'm here to enroll as a student. Frau Hoffner : What pettdt you qualifications, hmmmm?

    Mata Bond : I am the daughter of Mata Hari. Polo : Mata Hari! Frau Hoffner : You are a liar. Mata Bond : Ioanna I? What about this, then? Polo : [struggling up the stairs] My battery needs recharging. Mata Bond : Maybe your head needs royale. Polo : No, I had that examined last week.

    Polo : You're so like your mother, you're driving me insane. Mata Bond : Well, you haven't got far joanna go. Polo : Come to me. Come to me, my little Mata. Come to me. Mata Bond : About time you were back in your box, innit? Polo : You must forgive me. I lose control of myself. I'm a mad joannw.

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