Movies like casino and goodfellas

movies like casino and goodfellas

If you liked this filmyou will for sure love these too! In this collection we highlight some of the best films that share a very similar premise to 'Goodfellas', and are worth checking out. His mother nags at her husband as he is trying to make a living for the family. It is finally revealed that George's father cannot make a living and the family goes bankrupt. George does not want the same thing to happen to him, and his friend Tuna, in the 's, suggests that he deal marijuana.
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  • The film is a very long saga about the live of Frank Sheeran, a real life mobster who brutally murdered quite a few people. At about 3. This is my and complaint about the film On the plus side, while goodfellas film is very violent, it's not as intensely violent as some of Scorsese's other pictures Was this review helpful?

    Sign in to vote. De Niro gives a taciturn performance as the leading gangster and hitman, while Scorsese moovies done the remarkable job of bringing the great Joe Pesci out of retirement one last time and movies stuck the legendary Al Pacino into the picture too.

    The production values are exemplary and the de-ageing effects more than adequate, although the story takes a little while to get going. The situation with Hoffa really escalates into some powerful moments at the climax. Clearly the work of an older director, this explores themes of regret, violence and ageing with a dark heart at its centre.

    SnoopyStyle 17 January He murders prisoners in WWII. He drives a truck and steals slabs of beef from the back. He is caught but he wins his trial. He is introduced to various gooodfellas bosses and befriends Russell Bufalino Joe Pesci. They don't make directors like Martin Scorsese anymore and they don't make movies like this anymore.

    Quite frankly, at two and a half hour, this may fit better as a TV mini-series. Only his name makes this a cinematic ,ovies. While it is beautifully filmed, nothing really screams big screen. It is detailed and methodical. The problem is that it is a movie about a cold-hearted character.

    He is unmoved about his violent ways until the mocies act. His criminality is not fun. His brutality has no humanity. He is psychopath and not an enjoyable one. It is a movie from the past, by the past, and about the past. While I am in awe of the filmmaking expertise, I find the character has limited appeal.

    Scorsese is going over old grounds. His perfect movies have already been made. This can never exceed them. But of course, it is just one film. Still I think it could have worked as a miniseries too. The casino star behind the camera, however, is the incomparable Martin Scorsese. I read people say this could be his final movie, but I really hope it is not.

    Not that he would not deserve retirement with all the casink he has like up with in his career. This film here adds a new chapter to that. I am actually surprised to read that before teaming up with Netflix they struggled to find a production company here. I mean come on Scorsese and De Niro working on a mobster movie?

    Could it ever have gone wrong?

    Which movie came first Casino or Goodfellas? - Available about the passion

    So I would say it went right and looking at how this made it to the imdb top already immediately, others seem to agree. I must still say this is too much and I would not call it a great film really, even if there are occasional great moments. I will get to these later. But then again, my opinion is probably not too representative when it comes to Scorsese because the films and are considered his very best are not goodfellas my favorites from him and instead I prefer for example Hugo, Shutter Island or also the film about old Japan he made not too long ago with Driver, Garfield and Neeson.

    Now as for this one here, I already mentioned the three key actors with De Niro being at the center of it all from beginning to end at different stages of his character's life. Pay attention to his bright blue eyes here. The two like supporting players do not have that much time together on the screen. Basically early on, it is Pesci mostly.

    Then Pacino steps into the picture and really takes over and Pesci is gone for a long time until he reappears in the film's final third. And at the end, Pacino is gone and it is again only Pesci until the very end, when it's all about De Niro. I must say these very final scenes in the last half hour were also when De Niro mostly shines. He was not that great or memorable before that really.

    I like even go so far to goodfellas that Pacino stole the spotlight from him a bit. And he was a real scene stealer. This of course also has to do with the material. Frequently he just has much more to work with. The scene when they meet the guy who is late and not properly dressed is the best example.

    Pure Oscar bait for Pacino. Admittedly, he really also makes the most of this. But I am not surprised that the way it seems now De Niro is not getting the Oscar nomination this year, but Pacino and Pesci are. Actually, from what I saw here, I movies really love to see Pacino win his second, but at this point it seems highly unlikely because Pesci seems to be getting more momentum and both will have a hard time beating Brad Pitt, also because they will probably steal some votes from each other.

    Not that I'd mind Pitt winning at all. As for Pesci, the nomination is enough. But not undeserving. I think he pretty much showed and flawless performance here and also nailed all the more subtle moments, but as good as Pacino he is not or I would say his character did not offer as much. Speaking of awards, of course Scorsese must be mentioned too.

    Can he win Best Director this year? With his actors going against Pitt, he could be going mostly against Tarantino who directed Pitt. I am not sure, a nomination seems safe and he is among the top3 contenders right now. I don't think this is among his best directorial efforts though, so even if I love the man it would be too much and it would be nicer if he finally gets his second directing Oscar for another film in the future.

    We will see. Also I want to say a few words on specific scenes and characters here. First of all, it must be said of course that this is based on actual events and characters. The best example is how the protagonists perceive the Kennedy assassination, especially Pacino's with the American casino scene. And as almost always with Scorsese there is a great deal of bloodshed in here.

    It all leeds to the killing of Hoffa. Maybe you knew it would happen, maybe you didn't. But still seeing it happen at the hands of Sheeran was rough, even if it was just one quick glimpse, two bullets and he was dead. But consequences were grave. Media posted hourly updates about the search for Hoffa and for Sheeran himself, this casino had very personal consequences, namely his daughter seeing what happened.

    Movies am not too sure if I liked it and it felt realistic that she realized it, but the "why? Oscar winner Anna Paquin plays the dauughter by the way.

     · Martin Scorsese loves to use voice over narration with real life figures in films like Goodfellas, Casino, and The Wolf of Wall Street. He also uses the audio track from other scenes as a form of voice over for scenes that do not share the same time period nor the general location - he thinks in cinematic terms.  · It will go down in cinema history as one of the finest gangster movies ever made. Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas is 30 years old this autumn: three decades since Robert De Niro, Ray Liotta, and Joe Pesci teamed up to tell the incredible tale of Henry Hill Jr., serving up a three-hour slice of gripping drama in the process.. The film has inspired a generation of writers and directors – The.  · The film is a god-tier caper, an endlessly rewatchable classic, and, like Casino, one of the best movies about Vegas. Diamonds Are Forever () No one does Las Vegas like .

    And with this scene alone, her character was probably casiino relevant or played a bigger role in this film than all the protagonists' wives who admittedly added very little except cigarette smoke. Also the scene very early on with the daughter and what happens after her dad finds out a guy pushed her in a store.

    She realizes how violent he can be and it movies not only when he needs to protect his beloved like. Another daughter makes a similar statement at the very end because when something happened they movifs not goodfellas about it to their father because his reaction would be so over the top.

    Casino despite all the violence, bullets to the head etc. And there is more really. In general, it is a film about many subjects, not just about crime, father-daughter relationships etc. That's surely what you can call them. In addition, the and is always nice in Scorsese films liek this goodffllas no exception. I personally found it pretty nice to see Breaking Bad's Jesse Plemons in here, even if he did not have too much to work with this time.

    But it's kinda interesting goodffellas he is having a far better career than Aaron Paul and without the Oscar nomination maybe he'd even be vlose to Bryan Cranston. And for me personally, it was really amazing to see J. MacKenzie here, even if it is just one or two scenes, because I loved him since Dark Angel. These likes are personal taste for me.

    R29 Original Series

    Maybe others will appreciate Huston, Lombardozzi or Cannavale, it's movies to you. Overall I believe if you consider watching this one, you most likely casino seen older Scorsese crime films, or mobster movies in general, so you don't really need me to give you a recommendation here.

    But if you do, it would not be a negative one, although I cannot be as enthusiastic about this film as I would like to be. Still, thumbs-up. When the viewer watches a movie with 3h 29min running time and does not stop or take a nap it gooefellas an indication that the film is attractive and holds and attention.

    The screenplay is excellent, disclosing in flashbacks the life of the gangster Frank Sheeran performed by Robert De Niro. Martin Scorsese is certainly one of the best liek of Mafia films. The effects in the make-up are amazing and it is hard to know who they goodfellad in the present days. In the end, "The Irishman" is certainly one goodfellws the best if not the best production by Netflix.

    My vote is eight. Prismark10 29 November It is also a teaming up of his old pals for one last ride. Robert De Niro has not appeared in a Scorsese film since Casino. Neither has Joe Pesci who basically retired from the movies in Al Pacino is the new boy, his first time working with Scorsese.

    The Irishman is less violent than Goodfellas and Casino. It still packs a punch although Scorsese has been more careful not to make like gangsters look as glamorous as in his previous films. Spanning 40 years, Frank Sheeran De Niro recalls his story. A World War 2 veteran who fought in Italy, a truck driver who delivered meat who went on to become a man who painted houses a hitman.

    Sheeran got involved with Russell Bufalino Pesci a Pennsylvania gangster who kept a low profile. It brings him into contact with Jimmy Hoffa Pacino the leader of the powerful Teamster union who loaned money from its pension fund to organized crime. Sheeran went on to become close with Hoffa and goodfellas union organiser.

    Scorsese has called The Irishman a chamber piece. It is mainly about its three main characters and only De Niro, Pesci and Pacino go through the digital de-aging process.

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    The film has the best cinema performances that De Niro and Pacino have given in years, mainly because the quality of some scripts they have been offered have been far from the best. Pacino plays Hoffa differently from Jack Nicholson in the movie Hoffa. Pacino's interpretation is of a man who likes ice cream sundaes, hates tardiness and unwilling to see reason because he thought the Moviees owed him the leadership as a right.

    Pesci in contrast with his volatile Goodfellas character is a more thoughtful wiseguy here. The film clocks in at three and half hours. It is too long and one hour could had easily been excised from it. The de-aging mobies been done sympathetically. It works mainly because we are never told how old they were when we see them at their younger age.

    However, you can make an actor in his 70s look thirty years younger, you cannot digitally make them move like younger men. You can spot De Niro gingerly climbing some rocks in one scene. The treatment of females in this movie is superficial. Sheeran's and Bufalino's wives are just there to jovies smoke. Only Sheeran's daughter Peggy shows unhappiness as to her goodfeklas chosen profession.

    Movies Like Goodfellas | 10 Best Similar Films - The Cinemaholic

    Even then the old Peggy is wasted. At one point I did wonder why the film had a de-aged Holly Hunter playing Peggy. Despite the reservations, Scorsese has crafted a wonderful film, getting together the actors he relied on from his own early days as a director. There is an air goodfellas elegiac nostalgia to a style of cinema that movies be passing away which Scorsese reflected on with his comments about Marvel superhero films.

    Ironic that The Irishman only got a limited cinema release as its main platform is Netflix. Consistently engaging, filled with talent, and with a satisfying reflective sunset feel to the whole thing bob the moo 16 August There is much to admire in this film just from the names involved alone - on paper it looked terrific due to the amount of talent coming together to make the film, and that it is in a world where similar combinations of people have made classics before.

    The use of de-aging technology added to the reasons to talk about the film before it was out, and generally there was a lot of hype around it. In the key areas that matter, it lives up to the hype. The narrative unfolds slowly and has lots of moving parts and jumps around in time, but it is compelling throughout; I thought I'd watch this split over two nights but in the end the film passed really quickly despite how incredibly long it is.

    From the very start it roots itself in old age, in reflection, and it uses this approach very well. Where Goodfellas was youthful energy and excitement, The Irishman has a much different tone in the way it is melancholic throughout, and how it lets us breathe around the characters. De Niro's lead is excellent at this; it is a very muted performance but his numbness to violence is and portrayed.

    This story includes spoilers from No Time to Die. After being delayed for more than a year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, No Time to Die has fina. We had been discussing passing, the act of casino from one race being accepted or perceived as a member of ano. Spoilers ahead. This goes without saying, but dating as a millennial can be a hellish experience.

    Both directors like to keep viewers on the edge of their seats and messing around with the order of events is a very effective way of doing this. How can we compare these two movies? Again, the rise-and-fall narrative is at play. When he thinks he has it all he makes like crucial mistake and throws all of his success away.

    So, if you have a few hours spare this week, why not check it out again? It may even inspire you…. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. With the success of Once Upon A Time But what may surprise

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