Nar shaddaa casino

nar shaddaa casino

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  • Zabrak Jedi voice Caroline Pascal Inquisitrice Sith voice Donald Reignoux Jedi shaddaa voice Helen Sadler Commander Anri Rey-Phillip Santos Additional Voices voice Odile Schmitt Dark Zash voice Anthony Skordi Tenebrae voice Bernard Tiphaine Soldat voice Damien Witecka Habitant de Coruscant voice Craig Wroe Contrebandier voice Claudia Zie Satele Shan voice uncredited Michael Bower Additional Voices voice nar Pat Duke Captain voice uncredited Barry Ellis Additional Voices voice uncredited Stephen T.

    Jedi Knight casino uncredited Produced by Brooks Guthrie Sachs Pomann Sound Anton Riehl Voice Director Evan Bell QA story team Luke Nelson Getting Started Contributor Zone ».

    Edit page. Top Gap. See more gaps ». Create a list ». Star Wars Sagas. Star Wars continuity. See all related lists ». Share this page:. Clear your history. Darth Malgus voice. Akaavi Spar voice. Ashara Zavros voice. Jaesa Willsaam voice. Mako voice. Gianna voice. Additional Voices voice as Andrew Bridgemont. Additional Voices voice.

    Lamalla Rann voice. Additional Voices voice as Christopher Middleton. Admiral Dabrin voice.

    Servant Two voice. Bartender voice. Padawan Jerridan voice. Technician voice.

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    Additional Voices voice as Eduardo Idunate. Yadira Ban voice. Jex voice. Beryl Thorne voice. Servant One voice. Major Khourlet voice. Mandalore the Vindicated voice as James Meredith. Corporal Dregg voice. Lieutenant Bendick voice. Kendrel voice. Vexx voice. Casin Seldin voice.

    Waarin voice. Milo Phipps voice. Qo'el voice. Duke Kendoh voice. Jela Reneke voice.

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    Additional Voices voice as Sarah Mornell. Commandant Rayfel voice. Colonel Grang voice. Imperial Agent - German voice. Chasseur de primes voice. Habitante de Nar Shaddaa voice. Vette voice. Habitante de Coruscant voice. Corso Riggs voice. Chasseuse de primes voice as Emmanuelle Bondeville. Habitant de Nal Hutta voice.

    Sith Warrior - German voice. Vector Hyllus voice. Habitant de Belsavis voice. Gouverneur Saresh voice. Torian Cadera voice. Scorpion voice. Zola Arvannus voice. Jedi consulaire voice. Soldat voice. Chevalier Jedi voice.

    SWTOR Nar Shaddaa Nightlife Event Guide

    Doc voice. Gryffin Remus voice. Jedi Master Gnost-Dural voice. Docteur Eckard Lokin voice. Malavai Quinn voice.

    nar shaddaa casino

    Lieutenant Trace voice. Inquisiteur Sith voice. Guerrier Sith voice. Seigneur Sharoleigh voice. Rehanna Rist jeune voice. Habitant de Nar Shaddaa voice. Habitant de Tatooine voice. Habitant de Korriban voice.

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    Shae Vizla voice. Habitant de Voss voice. Various Voices voice. Kira Carsen voice. Zabrak Jedi voice. Contrebandier voice. The new Emperor tokens can be gotten from either the Nightlife missions once per character, as a rare reward from the Kingpin machines, or they can be a rare world drop. Common drop locations include Heroics, Flashpoints or Operations.

    The Kingpin Predator is only from the new machine.

    nar shaddaa casino

    To pick up the new Nightlife quests, first visit the crate located in the casino area, it will have a yellow quest triangle over it. Pick up both the quests there — one is a quest from previous years, the other is a list of six quests combined in to one. The other quests can be picked up from a character in the back of the casino with a yellow quest marker over their head, one by one in order.

    BUG: If you are in a group, you will shaddaa be able to talk to the Rodian or any other questgiver. Do not do these quests while in a group, though a friend can come help fight or heal you if you get stuck on the combat parts. To complete it you need to do these six quests:. This is a fun short quest that has you advertise three different businesses.

    The clues for how to advertise are in the quest description when you open it in the quest panel. Advertise for Artellian Securities: Find one of the glowing blue microphones in the casino and right click them to sing a jingle advertisement. Nar for Bugrep Rare Metals: Find the colorful dance floor in the back of the casino and right click it to dance an advertisement.

    You will need to find the cheating card player. Click the macrobinculars located near your quest on the top right of nar screen. Look around with your mouse. Left click on the blue aqua circles when the circles turn yellow orange. Right click to zoom out. ESC to casino the macrobinculars.

    When you find the cheater the text will turn red. Do not use your own Macrobinoculars if you earned them through questing on Makeb. The temporary ability should then appear. Potential bug: If you are not able casino see the temporary abilities listed above after picking up the quest, go in to your quests, find the quest, ABANDON it nar the button on the bottom, then re-pick up the quest from the Casino in the back of the casino.

    The temporary ability bar should appear this time. This is a fun puzzle-solving quest. You need to convince the three types of casino visitors to buy more casino chips. The hints for this quest are available by clicking the different types of visitors and reading their buffs that appear as small icon above their character portrait, you can read them by hovering your mouse over the icons.

    To convince them, go close to them, left click them, then use the temporary ability that will pair well with their current thoughts. Note, they will also have buffs for the other types of quests. If you choose the wrong ability nothing happens. Take the taxi to the Nar Shaddaa Lower Promenade and talk to the Sly Informant by right clicking them they will not have a quest marker.

    Then take a taxi to the Corellian Sector. Then follow the yellow spinning circle to the Marked site. Fly to Mek-Sha and talk to the Sly Informant not too far away. I think this got replaced by the other ones. He is not a reward, he is just a cute new addition to the casino patrons. A majority of them can be bought with Golden Certificates, which can be won from the slot machines.

    You can spend your Golden Certificates in the back of the main casino on Nar Shaddaa, there are three vendors side by side and the rewards are scattered between them. In previous years, these vendors stuck around even after the event. It is a Pritarr creature which can be found on Onderon. Least rare. Companion — 30 Golden Certificates — He has no cutscene, you just buy the item and use it.

    He wields and axe to attack. You can change his outfit to shaddaa of your choice but clothing that shows his skin often causes issues. He can craft, unlike Cartel Market companions. Short, squat humanoids, Gamorreans are easily identifiable by their greenish skin and porcine features. On their homeworld, they live in clans, where the male boars serve exclusively as warriors while the shaddaa sows tend the day-to-day affairs like farming, raising young and crafting weapons.

    Star Wars: The Old Republic (Video Game ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Jun 29,  · The casino where the event takes place is located roughly in the middle of Nar Shaddaa’s map, in the Star Cluster Casino on the republic side and the Club Vertical club imperial side. Any character that has earned their ship and can travel to Nar Shaddaa can participate in this event. May 19,  · The entrance to the sewer maintenance tunnel is located at , on the surface next to Gedron Hix. After entering the tunnels, turn right at every turn available and you will see it on the.

    Known for their physical strength and endurance, Gamorreans are generally considered a species of below average intelligence. Unable to speak Basic because of their caslno, most Gamorreans are still able to comprehend it and find a place in the galactic community as soldiers, guards or mercenaries.

    Due to their reputation for violence and brutality, they are often employed by crime lords, gang leaders and various other criminal elements.

    Hutta Datacron Locations - SWTOR Wiki Guide - IGN

    Has a cybernetic leg. Shaddqa long ago earned enough credits to retire comfortably, Nuray now takes shaddaa contracts purely for the fame and sport of it all. His latest stunt: offering his services to jackpot winners in the most famed casinos of Nar Shaddaa. GDY — Pet — 5 Golden Certificates — Very cute, floating droid that has a tray of golden coins that fall off the nar. Regenerates health.

    Weapon — 3 Golden Certificates — Glowing circle changes color with crystal and spins. Weapon — 3 Golden Certificates — Casino a unique translucent tubes at each end of the hilt. Companion Customization — 1 Golden Certificate — T7 but slightly darker gray and no gold panels. Floor colors change.

    You get unique abilities that replace your normal ones include singing, play the kloo horn, or play the shaddaz guitar. Electrical Wall — Decoration — 2 Golden Certificates — Electrifies the player for damage if the player touches it. There are many rewards you can buy for Cartel Market Certificates plus a hefty sum of credits.

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      The Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event is a limited time event in Star Wars: The Old republic where you can head to Nar Shaddaa and gamble your credits away for a chance to win some unique prizes during this once-yearly event set in the summer. The event itself is very simple, and involves spending credits on slot machine tokens, just like at a real casino.

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