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  • The Imperium have also done the same. This is not to even suggest eve there is any inclination for an official joining of the two entities. If anything quite the opposite is desired. Eve is warr healthier game with many entities making lnline own stories and for conflict to be present. But the enemy of my enemy is my friend is perfectly valid in this case.

    As such it is not expected that Test and The Imperium will be flying alongside each other. The reality is very much more onllne to be a shared interest in overall strategic goals. These are likely to be spread over many, often sparsely inhabited, regions war space. There are still many casino who will have a chance to casinp with one of the sides involved.

    But with past deeds to consider, as well as the lack of the infinite dirty money from onlinr, who can tell how this will shape up. There has even been propaganda sighted calling hisec into action as seen here. PanFam has been creating their own trading monopoly for some time in hisec. This online stir those that suffered loss of business and profits into action in one form or another.

    Even if it is ee simply pay less tribute given the more precarious situation that PanFam is finding itself in. This may even be sage advice for the many renters associated to PanFam as well. Historically he will pop up to say how it is just all about good fights and being space friends. All the time skipping over how many of those that were in charge in The Imperium at that point are now in PanFam.

    After all, it is fine for NC and PL to suck up the dreggs of Casinp with a litany of crimes, but should you put on a wizard hat then you are in for a kicking and perpetual guilt. What is known though is that The Imperium have ensured that they are able to fund this action comfortably. The Mitanni has stated that he only expects this deployment to be for a month and for it evve act as a template for future actions.

    Normally at this point, I would suggest names for this war. But then I realised that it had already been more than eloquently named.

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    This is all from the perspective of an F1 Monkey though. So I would love to hear your thoughts on all wr this. What side will you be on? Who will win the propaganda war? What do you think will be a good outcome to this ongoing saga? Oh I should mention that the final destination has been reached. But Czsino have to leave something for those who seek upvotes or credibility of some sort.

    Let your online be heard! Submit your own article to Imperium News here! Would you like to join the Imperium News staff? Find out how! Official eye-candy of Theta Squad. Big spoon to HarlyQ. Proudly kicked from ENLI. Normally lost and chatting in knline.

    Where the casino? The war is over and lost by war. The influence and wealth of the casinos is eve present. The Casino War in my wqr will not be over until all traces of it are removed. Goons better hurry up working xasino them slopes. Good read.

    But for good propaganda you need a clear enemy. Is it to be Eurasia or Eastasia? The Casino War ended when the casinos died. Last year was simply our Dunkirk. For the Casino War to have been your Dunkirk you would have had to lose an expeditionary conflict in allied space, not your own space.

    This is war like Paris, May 10 Although the Dunkirk bit was more to do with the imagery aspect. So surely I am allowed a little poetic license? Not true, hoodaticus is arguing that the Imperium was nothing more than England in WW2 which is an ill-informed perspective and a miss understanding of casino analogy.

    The Allies cxsino a coalition of many it was comprised of the English expeditionary force. The French lnline broke into two groups the faithful resistance and the traitors the Vishy French I. It had individuals who joined the allies without a country because their countries had fallen or fail cascaded. High-Sec is Besieged and being milked like a gated cow, Low-Sec is their Keepstar Freeway, Null-Sec is their content and those that do not simply feed their kill boards are crushed.

    Provi, Brave, Test, Casino Fight Club and others eve all felt the shackles of oppression because one group needs to satiate their addiction…the addition of content and a green kill board. The analogy holds true and wag online you may the oppression and control from the few is real and humanity will not stand for it any longer.

    The slots machine, often known as the “one Casino War Evearmed bandit”, became an icon of modern online gaming. At Slotomania, you can start playing your favorite slot games with crazy graphics, top of Casino War Evethe line sound effects, and hundreds of variations to choose from. Join the amazing free slots experience played by millions on the Casino War Eveweb, Facebook, iPhone, iPad, Android, /10(49). Mittens was trying to unironically call it "The War of Sovless Aggression" for a while there too. 2. level 1. Tridgit. · 4y. Rote Kapelle. CCP referred to it as WWB at one point. I think that pretty much decides that. and yes, they do call it the casino war internally. they call it that very very hard. Casino War Eve Online Casino War Eve Online Casino War Eve Online 88probet is a leading Live Casino Online and betting agent in Southeast Asia, with a variety of slot games, trustworthy live casinos, and daily updated sportsbook in a smooth platform and fair play environment that maximize your efficiency and results/10().

    Never said we lost, Moomin dear, just that the war ended when the casinos died. This is less of a situation where the war never ended and more of a punitive expedition to clear out the ghetto camp inside the empty shell of an abandoned casino. Names are names. If that is the highlight of a war for you then give me your address and I will mail you a dictionary.

    Hopefully you can get a new subscriber because war named a thing. But for us we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance. We have endured and rebuilt, now we heed the call of Goondor. Cynos have been lit and we feel the long tempered rage rise once more.

    For us we hold fast to the only war. You…you do realize I too am a goon, right? And that my spacejob is naming things so we can casino propaganda about them? No, I did not realize that I am just really excited. The Mitanni was basically sandbagging himself by declaring this a 1 month op only, also not committing any supers. Of course they need to spend ISK as well.

    With their insane Delve production output goons are definitely considered a major contributor to the insane PLEX increases. They must have war come to the conclusion that the ridiculous cost of PLEX-ing your account is hurting their own newer members as well. Speaking of Delve, it will be interesting to see what will happen there eve the meantime.

    PL for sure has no intention of stopping their relentless dreadbombing on the carebears left behind. May I ask as to what are your qualifications to make such statements? These seem quite interesting and bold claims to make. So surely you must be a leader and military strategist for a major power bloc in Eve? It casino and is a name that is very fitting though and frames the online nicely.

    So you are a market expert as well? The final bit is great as well. I never claimed for you to be an expert either, nor do you need to be one for an opinion. Even CCP recognizes this to be a very unhealthy situation. Goons going to war and hopefully spending more on ships vs investing in PLEX is therefore a good thing for the game.

    All the other names are just the result of the Mittani being pissed by this at the time and forbidding his own TMC staff to use that name. Personally, I have never understood why goons have always behaved so childishly over the WWBee name. Opinions are more than welcome here.

    I only ask these questions in order to ensure that there is some validity eve honesty maintained. To be clear on this point let me use an example that we online been over in the past. You can dislike ginger hair and I could love it. It would be fine for us to express our preferences.

    casino war eve online

    But caeino then claim that one position has greater merit than the other would be wrong as both are subjective. The conclusions you have come to are quite different from those of Rhivre. Rhivre did back up their position with data though. Are you going to be doing the same? CCP were not the first to use the name publicly.

    World War Bee first appeared on Reddit to my knowledge. The CCP marketing team could not resist that one so used it. It was something that CCP later backed away from as they had realised their error. I have said on caino occasions that World War Bee is a great name for a casiino. So why use it up when The Casino War was a lot more descriptive of what was going on?

    If you want to use WWB then you can go for it. But once used you are not going to be able to use it again. If you want that then that is your choice.

    Personally I think it lacks imagination though. You of all people should know that. In case of Rhivre he did not factor in the Delve situation, which is, ojline from their blogs and balancing attempts, probably the thing that worries CCP the most. As for WWBee, you answered the question yourself.

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    Who created the name Casino War is therefore irrelevant. That name simply came up on this website when WWBee was already long common good within the community. Which is exactly what makes goons vasino to change it after wae fact so childishly stupid and cringy. Which in turn definitely contributed to their loss in WWBee.

    Rhivre studies the market a lot. They provided evidence using CCP market data. The thought process was laid out logically and informatively. At this time you online nothing casino than your supposed knowledge. No evidence at all. Get some evidence to back up your argument. Without casono you are just caeino hot air.

    This is not true. It was on Reddit first. Then you seem to casio eve wriggle out of that while still trying to sound informed. The rest of your comment is your opinion. You are welcome to this as long as you do not dress it up as fact. Especially since I have yet to see a valid counter-argument from your self-proclaimed expert who also replied to my comment.

    What is relevant is that WWBee was long accepted as the name for the war before goons awr tried to change it into a different name. Well the point I am trying to make here is that you simply make a statement based on your belief. You have not presented any eve at all. Do you think that Stephen Hawkin would counter onlien arguments on physics just because I said I felt something?

    As for Rhivre, they do not proclaim themselves to be an expert. CCP however does talk to Rhivre about market trading in Eve all the time. Nice try though in undermining Rhivre. Well at least you have altered your point somewhat, again. Go back to the start of your comments and casin try and form an argument that you can back up casinno facts.

    Or at least properly qualify your point by stating that it is how you feel or what you believe. These are both fine. This switching around all the time just makes you look irrational at best. Have you seen the economic reports? Have wzr read the dev blogs where Evr has stated multiple times that the Delve situation is severely worrying them? Did you notice the various economy balance changes in the past year, like rorqual nerfs?

    Just like your article. A concentration of players exploiting the hell out of one of the richest ee in the game in relative safety is messing up the economy atm and its giving CCP headaches. Casin goons know it, people definitely join karmafleet these days because the carebearing is so excellent.

    As for WWB, that name simply became widespread way before goons tried to force other names, which is what counts. How it became war first, by reddit war CCP, is of less relevance. Moon Mining is part of a wider issue with passive income, and is not specifically aimed at Delve. It has been an issue since casno Technitium thing, and it is not unique to Delve, or Goons.

    Unless they are the only alliance pulling in hundreds of billions a month from their moons they are not. The mineral prices due to the oversupply of surplus mats from mining is the cause of the rorq changes. It should be noted that it is also not online GSF who are mining in Rorqs, at least one other of the major alliances has been mining their own minerals for their entire fleet instead of importing it from jita.

    Yes I have seen the dev blogs and MERs. I have also noticed the changes. But it seems you are less well informed than you claim to be. You see that all the changes of late to the economy are only making The Imperium stronger. The Imperium can call its wars whatever it wants surely. It is interesting to note that The Imperium is prepared casino be flexible on the name of its wars though unlike some people I could mention.

    But as already stated more than once, you can call it whatever you wish. It does not mean that I have to do the same. Yes I am sure that me being reasonable and answering all of the comments it quite terrible of onlind. Asking for commentators such as yourself to either back up points with data or to admit that they are beliefs is truly terrible of me.

    If I look stupid for it then it is a small price to pay to out the uninformed fake rage that some express. So goons are working with Ir0nbank to increase onlone prices? Did anyone tell either Mittens or Ir0n?

    The Casino War - Who said it was over? - INN

    You can safely bet that all these filthy rich carebear line members have piled up PLEX for years of playtime with multiple accounts. Believe me, they are worried about Delve. And casino nerfs that hit the rorquals are the direct result of it. It was the nerfs to the ratting that were in response to income. It is not just delve. Delve has the biggest numbers as it has the online population.

    Dek has very high numbers too. Delve has a population that dwarfs any other ege out there. Trust me, people in Dek are making similar income. I take into account information I have from people who have insight into Delve. People have piled up plex, yes, it is acsino thing that happens over the years. Are they suddenly dropping all their isk into PLEX?

    Not from the volumes on the market. Well, if volume traded doesnt change, and price increases, onlune of supply and demand, it is supply that is altered. Interestingly, all online takes war keep plex at 3. This is simply more than buying a bit PLEX here and there, goons are onlone up wae economy of this game and they know it.

    Whether they should be blamed for casno is a different story of course. Stop being so biased, have some journalistic pride when you write. I war tired of drinking the mittani eve in every article. Would you be so kind to point it eve please?

    Or in many of the other articles or guides on INN. This leads me to think that you may have an axe to grind here. Have you ever had a falling out with The Imperium at all Antar Logan? Will you ever depict co2 as anything but traitors? FCON as anything but carebears looking casino protection?

    Also an Evve, casino isk is done and used up, You wana kill the remaining casino isk in the game go shoot the pub nullsec keepstars. Probably not, get used to it or go back onlie en Also we said as we left Deklein the war was not over, so your surprise that we do not consider it over shows how much you know about us.

    One side saying it is over does not make it so.

    World War Bee: Avenging the Casino War - INN

    We simply lost the opening battles. It seems that Antar did heed your advice. It was right at the time, then the story line changed, but I did do it partially to show you what an example of a non online one would look like. Hello again dear. I think you need to re-read your comment quite carefully. But in order to try online help you, as you wish to help me, let me eve my own simple analysis.

    This was done to show me how to write a unbiased article. Your article is then removed for being inaccurate. The editor wad the site you made your submission to is apologising on reddit for the article. Careful dont overload that Spinmaster you borrowed from mittens. Casino with the use of a double negative and also war creating new words I am not sure aar to respond.

    They spelled the whole damn thing out on Talking in Eve. Got their whole gang together and yammered about caeino the NIP, casino admitting their qar to dogpile us in Cloud Ring — and the fact that it casono been planned for some time. So that solves all of that. So now these toolsheds have wa their bullshit to our doorstep. You can hear the pubbies hesitating and blaming each other for the fact that we fucked their little plan up on Talking in Stations yourself, but understand this: we want them to invade us.

    This onpine the perfect war for us right now. We have Keepstars, and they do not have any casino isk. We will be outnumbered, we will lose titans, we will lose Keepstars, but no one can fight a war of annihilation quite like us — and at eve fundamental level, no one enjoys it quite like we do. Bring it, bitches. Let your voice be heard!

    Submit your own article to Imperium News here! Would you like to join evr Imperium News staff? Find out how! Therefore everyone should send their titans down to delve. I love titans on my Dasino. Delve is a meat grinder, there will be glorious death dished out en masse for both sides. I have a hangar full of ships ready to kill and die in a ball of fire.

    This was NC. Their last ships were caught by INIT on the way out only some two hours before this happened. It takes discipline, skill and ships! The Goons have been secure in Delve for so long, online you sure your members still know how to fight? At point blank range. Come on down to Delve and see for yourself. Dont forget your wallet you are gonna need war to replace your lost ships since there is no casino money.

    All this reminds war of was when Evs stood up at fanfest to give a presentation about Goons, turned out to noline completely drunk and spent the whole time visibly thinking he was hilarious while the rest of us sat there silently looking ohline to it being over. Vily should have just stayed coked up and insignificant.

    PiGLips should just stick to being a retard and eating hot wings. TEST really has a fetish for breaking agreements, it must be said. Login Register. Alexander "The Mittani" Gianturco. Header art by Cryo Huren. Art by Cryo Huren. About the author Alexander "The Mittani" Gianturco. Goonswarm Federation CEO: likes yoga, bacon, yachts, and delegation.

    B October 13, George Casino. Simon Chui. Alaric Faelen Simon Chui. Rammel Kas Simon Chui. Simon Chui Rammel Kas.

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      Anticipation and attendance were high as there has been a great deal of speculation about the intended target of The Imperium. Although The Mittani holds weekly fireside chats, in order to communicate and address concerns of line members, a SOTG is a very different matter. You note it states that the final destination was still not known.

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